Character Flooring & Paneling

 by Enterprise Wood Products

Enterprise Wood Products is proud to offer a new line of Character Flooring and Paneling. We have personally developed new cutting edge technology that allows us to texture our wood flooring and paneling to give our customers the rich, authentic look they desire. We are now offering our signature Century Sawn, River Run, Pioneer Pine, and Hand Scraped flooring and paneling lines.

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Century Sawn Flooring and Paneling

Century Sawn is the first of our new textured wood flooring and paneling lines. Century Sawn was inspired by the circular sawn marks that is prevalent on much of the reclaimed wood that we source. Much of this wood originates from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. It gives the wood the look and feel that brings you back to the turn of the 20th century when the lumber industry was booming in the Northwoods. We wanted to provide our customers an alternative to reclaimed wood but one that would still give them the look and feeling. We spent a great deal of time and energy in getting our technology just right so the saw marks were as authentic as possible to the marks we find on our reclaimed wood. A Century Sawn texturing is available on all of our traditional wood flooring, paneling, and trim products.

River Run Flooring and Paneling

River Run is the next addition to our line of Character Flooring and Paneling. River Run adds a unique texture to the wood while also making the grain pop giving it a more vibrant look. The tooling follows the grain of the wood much like the way a river follows the lay of the land. River Run texturing not only gives the wood a livelier look but it also adds some texture that can be felt. River Run is also available on all of our traditional wood flooring, paneling, and trim products.

Pioneer Pine Flooring and Paneling

Another new product line of ours is Pioneer Pine flooring, paneling, and trim. Pioneer Pine is a product that is not actually reclaimed wood but you get the look and feel of reclaimed wood. It can be finished in a variety of stain colors or left natural to get the exact look that each customer is trying to achieve. Pioneer Pine derived its name because it also takes you back in time. You can picture yourself in a cabin in the middle of towering old growth pines with this floor beneath your feet when you look at it.

Hand Scraped Flooring

We also offer hand scraping and distressed floors. This texturing gives the wood a richer look with more character then your typical floor. It can be done on all of our flooring and paneling products. We take pride in offering personalized attention. It’s easy to get a quote: Call us at 715-369-5700, fill out our Contact Form or visit our showroom at 3145 County Highway G in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Not from the Rhinelander, Wisconsin area? No problem. Let us quote you incredibly low shipping rates.

Hardwood Flooring Installation-Need Help?

Whether you just need a quote to get started or want a professional to install your wood floor, Enterprise Wood Products can help! We can supply you with a complete quote (including both product and installation), and/or coordinate a qualified installer. From quote to complete installation, we are your one stop shop to make your house the envy of the neighborhood.

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