Composite & Wood Decking Products

For Homeowners & Home Builders

Decks are an inexpensive way to extend your living space into the outdoors, and create the perfect spot to relax or entertain. Whether you’re adding a new deck, or remodeling an existing outdated deck, we’ll help you determine the best decking material for your deck.

Decking Material Options:

  • Western Red Cedar – Get the classic look of a wood deck with Western Red Cedar – real wood. Easy to install and easy on your pocket book.
  • Redwood Decking
  • Ipe Decking – The ultimate wood deck. Ipe decking material is made of very hard, dense wood from the tropical areas.
  • Composite Decking – Superior beauty and comfort with no warping, rotting or splinters. Composite decking is taken to a new level of quality with PVC Decking, the #1 brand of cellular PVC decking.
    • EverGrain Decking
      Beautiful, natural look created by multiple grain patterns. Made from plastic and wood fiber, and backed by a 20-year warranty
  • Log Railings & Stairs: We offer log stairs and railings to complement your deck.

Western Red Cedar Decking:

Features & Benefits

  • Doesn’t Warp – Cedar is a lightweight and dimensionally stable wood. Lies flat and stays straight, resisting the natural tendency to crack.
  • Doesn’t Rot – The fibers contain oils that act as natural preservatives to help resist rot & decay, making it popular for moist and humid places.
  • Smells Great – Organic compounds called thujaplicins give off that classic distinct cedar aroma. It smells good to humans, but is not attractive to insects, moths and other pests.
  • Long Lifespan – If treated well, it will last more than 20 years.
  • Reasonable – Cedar is less expensive than other types of decking, like synthetic or composite decking.

EverGrain Composite Decking:

Features & Benefits

  • Maintenance-Free – Requires no painting or staining.
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty – Because EverGrain made sure the beauty of your deck and railing system will last. (warranty details)
  • Excellent selection of color, style & finish options. Get the exact look and feel you want for your deck.
  • Visit the EverGrain website to view their decking style and color optionsalong with their complete selection of railings. To jump start your creativity, checkout their deck photo gallery.

Redwood Decking:

Features & Benefits

  • Stain Resistant – Because PVC doesn’t contain wood fillers, it doesn’t absorb moisture and repels stains. No more worries of accidental spills. PVC decking is easy to clean up with just soap and water.
  • Scratch Resistant – A strong, dense surface helps prevent grain loss and scratching even in high traffic. PVC decking resists everyday wear and tear from pets to lawn furniture, and even general traffic wear.
  • Resists Fading – PVC deck color resists fading & will look luxurious for years to come. You’ll admire your PVC deck every time you step on it.
  • Mold Resistant – PVC decking doesn’t contain wood fibers that can cause or promote mold growth.

Ipe Decking:

Features & Benefits

  • Scratch Resistant – The strong, dense surface of Ipe makes it very difficult to scratch or dent.
  • Waterproof – A tight grain structure makes it impervious to water.
  • Durable – Ipe can last over 25 years.
  • Very Minimal Maintenance -Ipe only needs re-staining every 3-5 years, and only needs about 1 coat.
  • Splinter Free – The hardness of the wood makes it almost free of splinters. No more worrying about wearing shoes to walk on your deck.