Reclaimed Wood Sources

We have multiple sources of wood reclaimed from the dismantling of antiquated structures in which it has been warehoused for over 100 years. The environment in which the wood existed for the first century determines its unique characteristics it will bring to your home for the next century. Learn more about the Old Globe Reclaimed Wood Company

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Historical Stories Of Our Reclaimed Wood Sources:

Old Globe Grain Elevator provides us with eastern pine from the 1800’s. Built in 1887, it was the largest grain elevator in the world and was located in Superior, WI. Grain from throughout the Midwest was brought to the Globe Elevator, and then loaded onto cargo ships for transportation through the Great Lakes.

Standing over 150 feet high with a footprint of over 20,000 square feet, this amazing structure contains over 2,000,000 board feet of antique, old growth Eastern White Pine, including dimensional lumber and timbers of all sizes.

Old Globe Granary Pine is true old growth, virgin forest wood. No wood harvested within our generation can compare with the density and stability of this true old growth wood. The pine has a unique patina that comes from over a century of oxidation, seasonal moisture content changes, and exposure to natural grain particles.

The Staley granary was built around 1910 in Champaign, Illinois. Read about the history of the granary and see see pictures of the beautiful reclaimed wood flooring made from this salvaged Douglas Fir wood.