Reclaimed Wood Sources

The majority of our current reclaimed wood supply comes from the Hamilton building in Two Rivers, WI. The Hamilton building was built by pioneer James Edward Hamilton. The manufacturing complex was built over a 40-year period from the 1880s to the 1920s and covered 12 acres of waterfront property. The business started as developing wood type and expanded in 1885 to include furniture and cabinets. The growth continued and by 1889 the Hamilton Manufacturing Company was situated in the largest factory complex of its kind in the world. The complex was purchased in 1992 by what is now known as Thermo Fisher Scientific. Things went downhill in the mid-2000’s and in the fall of 2012 the remaining 200 employees were let go. This manufacturing complex was the heart of Two Rivers for 130 years. The material that we have acquired from this historic manufacturing plant is reclaimed hemlock, reclaimed Norwegian pine, and reclaimed douglas fir.  This wood when cleaned up and finished tells a story of its own and we feel fortunate that we are able to bring it back to life.

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We also have acquired some reclaimed hemlock from a similar structure in Manitowoc, WI. The building was built in the early 1900s. It started out as the Manitowoc Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company and later became the Mirro factory in 1957. It was shut down in 2003 and has been vacant ever since.

Our remaining reclaimed wood comes from various barns and buildings from around Wisconsin.