Spring 2016 Edition

The purpose of this newsletter is to update you, our valued customer, on the current happenings of Enterprise Wood Products and what is ahead on the horizon. We want to keep you informed so you are aware of the constant improvements we are always working on as well as new products that we are always developing. We welcome any feedback if there are other things you would like us to keep you informed on. Thanks for reading!

Business Improvements

We have a lot of exciting things happening at Enterprise Wood Products this year. One of our biggest announcements is that we will be expanding at our Rhinelander location and adding a new 50 x 100 building. This building is going to be the new home for our finishing shop. It will also allow us to increase our capacity for more inventory. New equipment will be added as well to speed up the finishing process which will allow us to get product out faster to our customers. The addition of a new building for the finish shop will also mean we will be expanding our custom woodworking shop. It will be moving into where we do our pre-finishing now. This will give the guys a lot more space to work and allow us to grow that area as well. We are planning on starting construction of the building in the next few weeks and hope to move the finish shop in there by the start of summer!

New Products

As mentioned above, we are growing our custom woodworking division with our expansion. With this, we have hired a new employee that is going to expand our capabilities of what we can do. We will be able to offer custom cabinets, doors, and much more. Our new employee will be starting in April and has over 10 years of experience with custom woodwork as well as background in furniture design. We will be working on implementing a custom cabinetry and furniture product line throughout the year that will be unique to EWP. We will still be open to customers bringing us ideas as well, so we can handcraft your vision. We are thrilled to be adding this facet to the business and look forward to showing our customers what we can do.

Other News

We are always looking at ways we can help our customers. We have added a new planer that will allow us to plane material up to 12” thick and 24” wide. This gives our customers and loyal contractors more options then we were able to provide with our old planer. We are also adding a new sander that will help us speed up or finishing process as well as provide a better finished product.


2016 is off to a great start and we owe that all to our valued customers. It is amazing the breadth and variety of orders that we currently have and that is attributed to the creativity and imagination of our customers. It keeps it fun and exciting and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We look forward to stretching the limits even more as we continue to grow. Be sure to check out our overstock specials page on our website for great deals and also keep an eye out for other website updates we’ve been working on. Follow us on Facebook to stay current on our projects and new products. Also, please check out our next newsletter for more updates on what is going on at Enterprise Wood Products.


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