Winter 2014 Edition

The purpose of this newsletter is to update you, our valued customer, on the current happenings of Enterprise Wood Products and what is ahead on the horizon. We want to keep you informed so you are aware of the constant improvements we are always working on as well as new products that we are always developing. We welcome any feedback on if there are other things you would like us to keep you informed on. Thanks for reading!

Business Improvements

The biggest improvement we have made this year is replacing our antiquated molder with a brand new Weinig Molder. This new molder is something we have been working towards for years and it was very exciting to finally see it come to fruition. The new molder now allows us to run up to 9” wide material which we are proud to finally be able to offer this option to our customers. The updated technology and system with the new molder will allow us to not only produce a higher quality product but also increase our production.

New Products

We have accumulated a large amount of reclaimed barn timbers this summer. We have a wide range of sizes, lengths, and textures in these timbers that can be used for a variety of purposes such as accent beams, fireplace mantels, and furniture. We also created a new flooring and paneling product using these reclaimed timbers. We are calling it Barn Timber flooring or paneling. We take barn timbers of lesser quality and resaw them into one inch lumber that we can mill into flooring or paneling. These boards have a lot of character and a unique look that you won’t see from newly milled woods. We offer it in mixed softwoods or mixed hardwoods.

Other News

We recently hired a new employee that started this month who is an extremely proficient metal worker. One of his responsibilities will be further broadening our custom woodworking division by adding the modern and raw look of steel to our custom wood pieces. We are very excited to start building some of these pieces to show our customers what we are capable of.


We are working on some more website updates to make it easier for our customers to find exactly what they are looking for. We are going to have the majority of our reclaimed timbers and fireplace mantels available to search and look at individually so you can pick out your own unique piece from the comfort of your home. We have hundreds of timbers and mantels to choose from so we are looking forward to making them available for you to see. We will also be adding pictures and pricing on some of our custom furniture pieces as we continue to expand that division.

It has really been our best year ever and we plan on continuing that momentum into this last quarter. Be sure to check out our overstock specials page on our website for great deals. Also, please check out our next newsletter for more updates on what is going on at Enterprise Wood Products. We are constantly working on improvements and updates so we can continue handcrafting your vision.


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