Winter 2015 Edition

The purpose of this newsletter is to update you, our valued customer, on the current happenings of Enterprise Wood Products and what is ahead on the horizon. We want to keep you informed so you are aware of the constant improvements we are always working on as well as new products that we are always developing. We welcome any feedback on if there are other things you would like us to keep you informed on. Thanks for reading!

Business Improvements

We have been gradually working on improving our showroom over the last year or so as we get new products and just to make it a little warmer and inviting. We have made a few larger changes recently with a new counter that showcases some of our custom woodworking and metal work capabilities. We have also added some new furniture pieces and a few other components that will better serve our customers to find exactly what they are looking for when they come in to see us. We are hoping to finally put some wood flooring down in the first part of 2016. We invite you to stop in and see what’s new and give us some feedback!

New Products

We have recently acquired a very large amount of reclaimed wood from an old factory in Two Rivers, WI. Much of the wood will coincide with the reclaimed hemlock we have been manufacturing into flooring, paneling, and custom furniture pieces over the last year or so. The wood has an immense amount of character and we are excited to continue this product line. We will also have a couple more offerings coming. One will be Reclaimed Douglas Fir and the other will be Reclaimed Norwegian Pine. Both will offer a little different look then the Hemlock. We will be offering this wood in flooring or paneling as well as in the raw form of 2×6 or 1×6 that customers can use for their own projects. We also plan to use this wood to create beautiful, one of a kind furniture pieces ranging from barn doors to bar tops to dressers and tables. Read more about the history of the building and wood.

Other News

2015 has been our best year ever and we owe that to you, our valued customers. We want to send a thank you to everyone who has entrusted us to bring their dreams and ideas to life. We have had a lot of very rewarding projects this year and have had a number of projects that have taught us some valuable lessons that has led to us making improvements and upgrades in a number of areas.


2016 is looking to build on the momentum we have been gaining this year. We are very excited for what’s to come and looking forward to future projects that will continue to challenge us as we continue to push the envelope of what our employees and business are capable of. Be sure to check out our overstock specials page on our website for great deals and also keep an eye out for other website updates we’ve been working on. Follow us on Facebook to stay current on our projects and new products. Also, please check out our next newsletter for more updates on what is going on at Enterprise Wood Products. Happy Holidays and thanks again for a great year!


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