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THE NATURAL, warm appearance of hardwood flooring has made it a popular flooring material for over one hundred years proving both its durability and lasting beauty. Our custom hardwood flooring will add beauty, structural benefit, and value to your home. Enterprise Wood Products offers hardwood flooring in a variety of species including reclaimed wood options, oak, hickory, white ash and many others.

Do you want an up north rustic look with knotted pine paneling and character variation, or a more elegant look select grade? Enterprise Wood Products tailors to the look and style you want in tongue and groove paneling for walls and ceilings.

From the smallest cabin to the largest commercial endeavor, we have the wood siding for every job. Our log siding and cedar siding are superior because of our wood quality, precision fitting and style options.

You need the perfect wood trim and we make it! Tired of sorting through bins to find a straight piece of wood trim? Need more than a limited selection in trim shapes, size & species?

In addition to standard selections, we specialize in custom designing and producing wood trim and moldings in the exact profile and species to fit your need. We'll help you choose trim for a historic restoration or an addition, or we'll match your architect's drawings.


Why Choose Enterprise Wood Products?

Handcrafting Your Vision

Why choose Enterprise Wood Products when deciding who to purchase custom wood products for your home or business? This video details what Enterprise Wood Products has to offer for quality, offerings, services, and more!