Oak is known for it hardness and durability, making it an excellent choice for hardwood flooring with great wear-resistance. Oak (both red oak and white oak) is the most abundant hardwood species in the United States. Oak dates back to the early English craftsmen, and was a cherished material for American Colonists.

  • Color: White Oak ranges in color from nearly white to a darker gray brown. Red Oak ranges in color from nearly white to a light brown with a red hue.


  • Grain: Oak has an attractive open grain pattern. Distinctive flake-type patterns, stripes and watery lines are common in white oak. The porous nature of oak makes it finish nicely, with darker stains making the grain pattern more apparent. The coarser grain of oak hides scratches and marks very well. Red oak is slightly coarser than white oak.


  • Growing Patterns: There are more than 200 subspecies of oak, all of which grow only in North America. The colder climate of northern regions produces a harder oak wood. Faster-growing oaks produce wider rings, while slower-growing varieties have a more even grain. Red oak(Quercus Rubra) trees can reach a height of 125 feet, while white oak(Quercus Alba) tend to reach 80 – 100 feet.


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