White Pine is a very stable wood. It doesn’t shrink or swell significantly with changes in humidity, and it warps less than other species. Because it’s very plentiful, Pine is an eco-friendly choice and generally affordable. Pine is commonly used for exterior log siding, log railings, and paneling and flooring.

We also feature reclaimed pine flooring that is salvaged from a grain elevator built in 1887.


  • Color: Pine is light in color – a honey-toned with occasional reddish streaks. Exposure to sunlight can cause it to darken.


  • Grain: Pine is a moderately soft and light-weight wood. It has a subtle, uniform, straight-grain.


  • Growing Patterns: Pine (genus Pinus) is one of America’s abundant tree species, covering more than 35% of the total acreage in the U.S. It grows to an average height of 100-160 feet, and a diameter of 2-4 feet.

What Type of Pine Paneling is Right For Me?

There are so many different looks one can achieve with over 100 species of pine in the United States that one should never settle for just pine. Each pine species offers a different unique look for anyone’s style. From the Rustic White Pine for your northern cabin to the elegant Lodge pole Pine for your everyday living, there is a perfect pine paneling for you.

Pine happens to the most popular wood to manufacture just about anything due to its large abundance throughout the United States, making it an extremely affordable “Green” product for any consumer. Pine paneling is the most affordable way one can give their home a fresh new look with adding increase value.

When deciding on the perfect pine paneling for you home, ask the question, “What options do I have in Pine Paneling to choose from to get the look I want for my home.”

Three most commonly used interior tongue and groove pine paneling on the market:

  • Ponderosa Pine offers a small amount of reddish-brown heartwood and exceptionally wide sapwood color mixed in with a variety of medium size knots.
  • Lodge Pole Pine offers a light crisp uniform colored throughout the grain structure mixed with tight knots ranging from dime to quarter size.
  • White Pine offers a rich golden honey grain color with a hint of brown mixed with a large knot structure giving white pine a rustic appeal. (Read more about white pine.)

Are you are in the market for pine paneling? Let Enterprise Wood Products help you decide which pine species is right for you. Call us at 715-369-5700 or stop in our showroom in Rhinelander, WI.