Finishing Touches that Give Your Home Unique Character

You need the perfect wood trim and we make it!

Tired of sorting through bins to find a straight piece of wood trim?
Need more than a limited selection in trim shapes, size & species?

In addition to standard selections, we specialize in custom designing and producing wood trim and moldings in the exact profile and species to fit your need. We’ll help you choose trim for a historic restoration or an addition, or we’ll match your architect’s drawings.

Why Enterprise Wood Trim is the Right Choice for Your Home

  • Thickness options range from 7/16″ – 3/4″
  • Available in lengths ranging from 8′ to 16′ – minimizes waste
  • Dimensionally stable through any humidity change
  • Choose a standard selection or we’ll custom design a size and profile to fit your need
  • Pre-finishing or staining options: receive trim ready to install. Pick from standard stain colors or design your own.
  • Casing – Trim Around Doors and Windows
  • Crown Molding – Decorative Molding Used Where Walls Meet Ceilings and to Cap Cabinets
  • Baseboard Trim – Molding Around Flooring
  • Chair Rail – Trim to Cap Off Wainscoting
  • Available in almost any wood species you desire


Adding crown molding to a room is easy and can make a room pop with a dramatic look. Architectural elements such as crown molding are the most striking finishing touches you can add to your home.

The right wood trim will add the final touch that provides the rich look of elegance in your home or construction project. Crown molding and interior trim create distinct architectural details that will add character to any room.