Enjoy the Quality & History of Reclaimed Wood

Paneling from centuries ago had a distinctive character that we can recreate for your home. Reclaimed wood paneling has a distinguishable look because of the environment in which it was inventoried for the last 100 years, as well as generally being from old growth trees.


Reclaimed Barnboard Paneling


Reclaimed Norway Pine

Norway Pine

Reclaimed Norway Pine Grey

Norway Pine Grey

Reclaimed Norway Pine Gunstock Grey

Norway Pine Gunstock

Reclaimed Norway Pine Smooth Planed

Norway Pine Smooth Planed

Reclaimed Norway Pine Smooth Planed Stained

Norway Pine Smooth Planed Stained

Reclaimed Oak Skip Planed

Oak Skip Planed

Reclaimed Pine


Pioneer Pine Stained

Pioneer Pine Stained

Our Reclaimed Wood Paneling Features:

  • Current reclaimed wood species available: Pine, Oak, Douglas Fir, & Weathered gray barn board (pine)
  • 3/4” thickness provides solid rich beauty and feel of real wood. Stress relief grooves on the bottom keep wood stable from dry winter and humid summer conditions.
  • Random flooring lengths minimize waste.
  • Tongue and groove on all four sides ensures easy installation and accurate fit of your reclaimed wood flooring.
  • Save time with our pre-finishing option. Receive your reclaimed wood flooring or paneling ready to install. We use the finest of coatings providing the most durable of finishes.

How Wood Salvaged From a 19th Century Building Becomes Flooring & Paneling in Your Home

We partner with companies who salvage (reclaim) wood from old structures that are no longer useful as a building. Because we work closely with these deconstruction specialists, you will be able to tell the historical story behind your reclaimed wood flooring or paneling.

We carefully remove nails, bolts and debris to prepare the wood for the milling process. After milling the reclaimed wood, our craftsmen hand-finish each board individually to create a one-of-a-kind look for you

We achieve your desired look with various finishing techniques:

  • Leave the original rough-sawn surface intact OR planing it to a smooth surface
  • Sand the wood lightly for a rough, rustic look OR sand it heavily for a more smooth, refined look.
  • Stain the wood dark OR enhance the natural color with tongue oil.

Reclaimed wood flooring & paneling will bring unique style & warmth to your home.

Reclaimed Wood Sources

Hamilton Buildings, Two Rivers, WI
The Hamilton Building as it looks today.
Hamilton Manufacturing Workers, circa 1880

The majority of our current reclaimed wood supply comes from the Hamilton building in Two Rivers, WI. The Hamilton building was built by pioneer James Edward Hamilton. The manufacturing complex was built over a 40-year period from the 1880s to the 1920s and covered 12 acres of waterfront property. The business started as developing wood type and expanded in 1885 to include furniture and cabinets. The growth continued and by 1889 the Hamilton Manufacturing Company was situated in the largest factory complex of its kind in the world. The complex was purchased in 1992 by what is now known as Thermo Fisher Scientific. Things went downhill in the mid-2000’s and in the fall of 2012 the remaining 200 employees were let go. This manufacturing complex was the heart of Two Rivers for 130 years. The material that we have acquired from this historic manufacturing plant is reclaimed hemlock, reclaimed Norwegian pine, and reclaimed douglas fir.  This wood when cleaned up and finished tells a story of its own and we feel fortunate that we are able to bring it back to life.

We also have acquired some reclaimed hemlock from a similar structure in Manitowoc, WI. The building was built in the early 1900s. It started out as the Manitowoc Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company and later became the Mirro factory in 1957. It was shut down in 2003 and has been vacant ever since.

Our remaining reclaimed wood comes from various barns and buildings from around Wisconsin.


Reclaimed wood is growing in popularity because it offers homeowners something a little different for their home. Each board has its own unique character or personality with distinguishing authentic nail holes, markings, and patina that tell its life story. Our reclaimed wood is of higher quality than anything else on the market today. Reclaimed, antique wood has been through decades of seasonal expanding and contracting cycles, making it a very stable wood. Reclaimed wood is unique and filled with classic charm.