Custom Wood Mantels from Best of NatureMost rustic fireplace mantels we produce are customized in some form.

Lengths: We have made mantels as short as 2’6’’and up to 12’+ long.

Custom wood mantel heights or shelf depths can be also customized, we’ve built many to fit pre-existing openings.

Wood mantel designs can also be custom made either in the timber mantel or log mantel styles. Inquire with any design ideas you may need!

Commercial designs, corner mantels, even rustic wall shelves have been crafted by our mantel artists.

Rustic Wood Mantel Design Options

  • Log and Timber Mantel Shelves
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Wood buring fireplaces or electric fire place mantles
  • Rustic Wall mantels and shelves
  • Matnels for wood or pellet stoves
  • Hand Hewn Timber Mantel Beams
  • Two to Three tier mantels
  • Corner Mantels
  • Mantel shelves for kitchen
  • Mantle shelves for dens and rec. rooms
  • Basement Fireplaces
  • and many more!

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantle - New York

Reclaimed wood beam mantle custom made for desired length.  Existing tenons from old wood mantle beam.

Custom Mantel Log - Wisconsin

A custom fireplace design which had a left side return needing a matching filler log.

Rustic Mantels for Stone Fireplaces Texas

Custom Wood Mantel - Georgia

This rustic mantel was designed from a photo on the Hand Hewn Timber Mantels website page. Made for custom sizes, notches and pegs and placed as shown.

Rustic Wood Mantles Michigan

Rustic Handcarved Cedar Mantle - Nebraska

This customer picked a mantel from our inventory page but needed it shortened. We offer this service, many are done to fit your desired sizes.

Custom Fireplace Mantle Design - New York

This custom fireplace mantel layout utilized a 3-tier mantel shelf design. A neat finish to a custom fireplace makeover.

Hand Hewn Reclaimed Wood Corner Mantel - New England

This timber mantel was custom sized to fit into a corner fireplace. We strive to accommodate each custom fireplace design.


Rustic Wood Mantel Shelf - California

Custom wall shelves are also made by Best of Nature - inquire with your ideas. Many sizes available!


Custom Reclaimed Wood Mantel for Basement Fireplace - Minnesota

Another custom design with corbels, pegs and center notch. Basement fireplace mantels have become very popular!

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