Reclaimed Timber Mantel InventoryCountree Living/Best of Nature has handcrafted custom mantels for over 30 years.

The Timber Woods fireplace mantels by Countree Living are mantels made from reclaimed original antique wood. Many have been recovered from structures dating back from the 1810 to early 1900 time frame and are original timbers.These homestead builders relied heavily on the strength of their joinery, as very little metal was used due to its availability.


Timberwoods Fireplace Mantels

During construction, after hand sawing and hewing was completed, notches were then applied with hand held chisels and wooden mallets. Mortise and tenon joints were used for connecting intersecting timbers. Wooden pegs were then used to hold the adjoined timbers together.

When these timber structures are taken apart, the joints/pegs may be exposed.There may also be original marks such as hewing accents, scribe lines, insect markings, and the cracks or checks (some small, some larger) from age. These can add character and remain as accents.

Existing open notches can be filled at times. There may be notches present on some sides or every side.

Our mantel craftsmen will trim the mantel to your required length, square the ends top to bottom and front to back, then sand ends so they are smooth to the touch. The top side is surfaced and sanded smooth for a level surface, and if notches/pegs were existing in top, they are filled with wood trimmed from the mantel piece.

The heights and depths are somewhat flexible but may be a bit limited due to positions of existing notches and pegs. Many of these can be made shorter if needed.

Being a reclaimed original wood mantle, (and even though we do the prep work such as sanding and cleaning), the Timber Woods fireplace mantel style can have a rougher surface

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