Rustic Fireplace Mantel DesignsRustic Wood Fireplace Mantels and Log Mantels by Best of Nature

Enterprise Wood Products acquires Countree Living / Best of Nature Rustic Mantels

Rustic wood fireplace mantels and log fire place mantels by Countree Living / Best of Nature give you a large selection of fireplace mantel designs.

Wood fireplace mantels are carefully, still crafted by hand by utilizing many of the same hand tools used from the late 1700-early 1900’s! Antique hand held drawknives, mallets, chisels and more are still in use, crafting Natures best into a beautiful rustic wood fireplace mantel shelf. Machines can never match the natural beauty and smooth, drawknife textured finish of a handcrafted rustic log or timber wood mantel shelf!

Your fireplace is a focal point in your home, and just like the décor, your fireplace mantel makes an individual statement about you. Best of Nature will take your ideas and visions, shaping them into your rustic mantel shelf. Our rustic wood mantles offer you choices like elegantly rustic to extremely rustic.

Make your space a beautiful place!


Rustic Fireplace Mantel Log (RFM Style)

The Rustic Fireplace mantel log (RFM Style) is the most rustic style. This style has small to large knots, occasional branch projections/burl, or other unusual, natural characteristics originally created by Nature.


Timberwoods Fireplace Mantels

The Timber Woods fireplace mantels are original mantels made from reclaimed antique wood, the same as our hand hewn timber beam mantels. These have been recovered from structures dating back from the 1800’s to early 1900’s time frame and are the original timbers and original surfaces. Seldom was any electricity available in the days these timbers were made for constructing buildings, so accents such as notches(open or filled), even wood pegs can exist. These were all made by human hand and hand held tools. Some hewing accents, scribe lines, insect markings, and the cracks or checks (some small, some larger) do remain from age. These can add character and accents. The tops-are surfaced and sanded smooth for a level surface.


Rustic Hand Hewn Mantels

Rustic mantels by Best of Nature are completely handcrafted, leaving a beautiful rustic finish to adorn the wood mantel. Shown below are The Hand-Hewn Timber Beam (HTB Style) timber mantels, are also original timbers-many custom made for desired sizes, lengths, and mantle designs. Personalize your fireplace and rustic home by adding a Best of Nature mantel-made to your desired specifications!


Nature Woods Mantels

Naturewoods mantels by Best of Nature Mantels are available in many sizes, species, and lengths. This mantle design features a hand carved rustic round log front profile, with a surfaced smooth top, and hewn or smooth bottom. Custom sizes always available! Contact our staff for prices and optional features of the various log and timber mantel designs.

Rustic Fireplace Mantel Pricing

Rustic log fireplace mantels and the antique wood timber mantels are available in various sizes and lengths, and ANY custom lengths. Prices below are price ranges for 4’ to 8’ mantle lengths. Wood mantel prices are:

  • 1 Rustic Fireplace Mantel (RFM Style):Our beautiful handcrafted log mantel, with naturally occurring colors, more pronounced characteristics, knots and grain patterns. Average dimensions are 7-10’’ tall and 7-10’’ deep. Based on final size needed, prices can average $359-$447+/- for 4' - 4' 6" up to $688-$986+/- for 7' - 8' lengths, depending on final length and mantel shelf size, and amount of character.
  • 2 Timber Woods Reclaimed Original Mantels: This style is also pretty rustic with some original markings, and notches or pegs can be a common feature. Many possibilities exist relative to custom sizes, color tones, and even at times, clear stock(without notches/pegs, etc.).Prices do vary based on overall height, depths and lengths, and we always offer custom sizes!
  • 3 Hand Hewn Timber Beam Mantels (HTB Style): This reclaimed wood mantel style is approx. 6 - 6½”+ tall and 7½ - 9” average depths. Larger and smaller mantel stock always available. Pricing varies $328-$768+/- for 4’-8’ lengths, and depending on the final height/depth and amount of character. Mantels can feature various hand hewn/timber frame accents such as existing notches (filled or open), and pegs from buildings built in the 1800’s. Clear stock (without existing accents) also available
  • 4 Nature woods Rustic Mantel Shelves: This style is a very beautiful medium between a log and timber mantel beam design. The front face is the handcrafted rustic round surface, with a surfaced smooth top. Custom sizes and lengths are always available. Price ranges average $364-$688 +/- for 4-8’ lengths. Lengths, heights, and depths are very flexible.

Best Wood For Mantels

The family of Cedars is known throughout the housing industry as one of nature’s premium wood species. It is similar to the pines in natural color. Native American Indians used cedar for canoes, shelters, even totem poles. They named cedar the "trees of life".

Popular characteristics of cedar are its ability to withstand the effects of weather, and natural resistance to many insects, making it a favored wood species to build with. Cedar mantels have an ease of installation due to their lighter weight. It also has excellent wood stability because of its tight grain (which minimizes checking/cracking more noticeable in pine species).

Other wood species such as fir, spruce, northern white pine, reclaimed timbers, and more are available.

Mantel Testimonials

Wood Mantel Design Options

  • Manufactured in any length up to 16 feet
  • Choose any depth up to 20”
  • Customize mantel thickness up to 8″
  • Optional species: pine, aromatic cedar, northern white cedar, tamarack, cherry, hickory, red oak, or reclaimed timbers
  • Half log mantels available in pine and cedar
  • Wood mantel supports provided if needed
  • Pre-finishing and staining is available
  • Add a handcrafted carving: any scene or design

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