Handcrafting Your Vision

We manufacture and sell custom wood products to help you create your own unique look for the interior and exterior of your home. From thoughts and dreams to a detailed blueprint, our sales team has extensive experience helping customers at any stage of their design. Their years of experience in helping homeowners and contractors will help you select wood products and species just right for your project.

Our highly-skilled manufacturing team will then produce product to exact specifications, passing the product through multiple inspections, both dimensional and visual. With this type of quality process, we guarantee your satisfaction, insuring easy installation and lasting beauty.

We are proud of our new product line made from reclaimed wood. This wood is salvaged (reclaimed) from old structures that are no longer useful as a building. Reclaimed flooring and paneling have an ageless look like no other. Learn more about reclaimed wood and all its benefits.

Custom Sawing & Drying

We are proud to offer custom sawing and drying services to our valued customers

  • What this means is we can take logs from your property or logs that you have acquired and turn them into finished products such as flooring, paneling, or even mantels and bar tops.
  • If it is just one log or a hundred logs, we will saw them and dry them to your specifications
  • Have lumber that is already cut? We will dry it for you so it can be made into a finish product and utilized to its full potential
  • We do not haul logs, you need to have the logs brought to us

We also buy logs and lumber so if you have wood that you are looking to sell, give us a call!

Custom Woodworking

We can also turn your lumber into finished products such as flooring, paneling, or trim. Whether it is just a shelf or a whole wall of wood paneling, we can custom mill your lumber. We can also turn your ideas into a reality. Anything from a simple wood shelf to a piece of custom wood furniture, we can make it happen.

We strive to help any customer we can. We have skilled craftsmen that can do virtually anything out of wood from custom stair treads and risers, custom railing systems, custom bar tops and tables. We can even turn cedar stumps into the base for a custom desk. Bring us your ideas and we will bring them to life.

Custom Wood Finishing

Custom Finishing is available. We offer a high quality clear finish that will bring out the natural colors of the wood or we also offer a variety of stain colors. We can match a stain sample that you have as well. Give us a call for more details.


Gather around our workbench and learn from our team how we can
transform your space with wood flooring, paneling, and reclaimed timbers.